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How can I tell if my drain has become blocked?

How can I tell if my drain has become blocked?

It is very important to know what the warning signs of a blocked drain are, so that you can act quickly to fix the problem. Whether that means fixing the drain yourself, or calling out a drain engineer, you must act as soon as you notice anything before it can escalate into a much bigger and more damaging problem.

how can i tell if my drain has become blockedThe main sign for a blocked drain is how quickly the water drains. When the drain becomes blocked, the obstruction prevents the water from flowing away smoothly, and as the size of the obstruction increases, the water will take longer and longer to drain properly until it stops draining altogether. The speed at which the water is draining is an indicator for how severe the blockage is, so if your sink isn’t draining any water at all then you will likely have a very stubborn blockage on your hands.

High pressure water jetting is a very commonly used technique among drain engineers to remove even the most stubborn blockages caused by a buildup of a variety of things, including foreign objects, food waste, and even blockages caused by tree roots. By running the water at a high pressure through a hose with a jetting nozzle, the technician will be able to dislodge and wash away the blockage, thoroughly clearing your drain so that there is no debris left to cause any more buildups.

Another common sign of a blocked drain is the smell that it is omitting. This sign is more apparent in kitchen sinks where food has been incorrectly disposed of down the drains. As the buildup of food is left to get bigger, the food begins to rot which gives off a foul odor that you will begin to notice in your home. Food substances that are oily, greasy or fatty will stick to the walls of the drains easily which can cause a blockage when this buildup is left to get bigger.

Once you notice the smell you must act quickly to avoid the blockage from getting bigger by calling a professional drain engineer to clear your drains thoroughly and efficiently. If you continue to flush food down the drains, the buildup will grow in size and severity and can cause more damage to your drains as the pressure it creates will get too much for the drain to handle. To avoid severely damaging your drains, make sure to always correctly dispose of food in the bin. Taking small precautionary steps like these can ensure that you are not faced with a blockage.

Strange sounds from your drains can also be another sign of a blockage. If you are hearing gargling noises or sounds that are unfamiliar when you try and flush water away, then you likely have a blocked drain on your hands. Make sure to call a drain engineer as soon as you notice any of the signs, or anything that does not seem quite right to you. A professional drain technician will always be happy to provide you with some friendly help and advice on how best to proceed.