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Do people live in the sewers? 1/2

Do people live in the sewers?

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Are there people down thereThere are many things that can block up your drains or cause them damage: incorrect disposal of waste, pre-existing defects, and even creatures living in the drains! There is a popular myth about a community of ‘Mole People’ living in sewage systems. However, this widely believed myth is not true.

The conditions of the majority of public sewerage systems are not good enough for humans to survive underground. Following the world wars, Britain’s drainage systems were built specifically to deter people from settling underground, as this had become a common sight following air raids and bomb shelters. Nowadays there is not such a threat to encourage people to set up home underground, and the quality of the sewers is not high enough to make a sustainable living condition.

There may not be people living in the sewers, but there are certainly rodents who have made themselves at home underground. It may seem harmless, but these creatures are very crafty and can easily find their way from a public sewer to your property. Rats are very talented swimmers and can survive in water for 3 days, giving them plenty of time to find their way into your drains, and with such flexible bodies it is not impossible for them to make their way through even the smallest of holes. At times it feels as though the team at blocked drain London live in the sewers!