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Do people live in the sewers? 2/2

Do people live in the sewers?

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Drain snakes and cameras to survey pipesCCTV drain surveys are a good way of regularly maintaining and inspecting your drains to ensure that they are of the highest standard. CCTV surveys can identify and locate any underlying problems with your drains, and they can even help to locate any rodents that may be causing you trouble! Once a survey is completed, if it has come across any defects in your drains that might be a risk for blockages or even bigger problems, they can be dealt with then and there so you can rest assured knowing your drains have been taken care of.

Rats and other rodents pose a serious health risk to you and all those who live at your property, as they can carry all sorts of diseases and bacteria, so it is very important to keep on top of the quality of your drains to ensure that they are not able to bring these diseases into contact with your property. You must act quickly as soon as you notice the signs of a rat infestation. These warning signs include scratching noises, rat droppings, and chew marks on your surfaces.

Catch a blockage before it can escalate into something bigger by calling a qualified drain technician as soon as you notice the problem. A blocked drain will never go away on its own, and if left ignored will almost certainly grow in size. The amount of pressure that a large blockage creates on a pipe can cause the pipe to crack, or even burst, causing all sorts of problems for your property.

Flooding is a very serious result of a burst pipe and the amount of damage that it can cause to your home will cost a great deal more to fix than clearing a small blockage will. Not to mention the health hazard of flooding your home with all that dirty waste water! The best thing to do is to react straight away once you’ve spotted the signs of a blockage, by calling a professional, reliable drain engineer from blocked drain London who will provide you with high quality service for a great price.