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Prevention & Maintenance

Prevention & Maintenance

Keep blockages awayBlocked Drain London advise to maintain your drains at home or where you work is. Tha is one of the small and simple things which you should always make sure you do.

The little habitual things like clearing away excess debris will help. And also will help making sure that you have a good drain sieve or other measures. All that will help you prevent larger cost and trouble down the line.

As what relates to maintenance, this is where we come in. We have a long history of offering drain maintenance service. You might ask what it is. It is a drain service provided by an expert team. It helps to keep your drains healthy and prevents problems occurring.

Some of our top tips

Blockage issues arise every day in the city, and with the busy lives in top gear, there is little room for resolving issues which could have been prevented in the first place.

Speaking to us about how you can best prevent your sinks, showers, baths, toilets and more from clogging up, is a good way to begin. Some of our top tips here are to keep an eye on the most common culprits.

Grease, oil and hair are don’t only go down the drain in huge quantities, but they are also responsible for many blockage situations.

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It may not be rocket science, but it works to simply clean after each use. If you are someone who deals with many fatty substances, then hot water washes on a regular basis is also something that expert recommends to keep your drains in top condition.

If you are stuck with an issue at the present, don’t forget that the 24 hour line is here for all your emergencies, we’re here to assist when prevention alone has not been enough. Feel free to call now, even if it’s what would class as unsociable hours. Here the honourable technicians never sleep and are ready to provide any of our offered services at you beck and call.

Blocked Drain London – Top tips for Toilet Maintenance

Here at Unblock-a-Drain our team handles many call outs and deals with a diverse mix of people. Over the years We’ve noticed two main types of people. Firstly there’s the most common type, these people either don’t have the time, energy or the skill set to make improvements or maintain there homes and would just prefer to call us or any other tradespeople out to an issue to get it resolved there and then. Then there are the second type of person, these people are very handy and realise they can save money by spending time on maintaining there homes reducing the number of call outs and repairs they need. And for these people Unblock-a-Drain London has some tips for you to maintain your toilet. The first tip from our team concentrates more on the spotting and identification of a problem and sounds obvious yet is commonly over looked. We always start on the sound of your toilet, if the sound of your flush is sounding irregular it could mean anything from a wide variety of issues. Most irregular sounding flushes will be something to do with the flushing mechanism itself but don’t over look the possibility of the irregular sounds coming from an obstruction in your drain, reducing or completely stopping the passing of water through the drain. Secondly we recommend that as a home owner you do everything in your power to make sure that you keep your flush strong and healthy, both sounding and powerful in action. When a toilet loses pressure the flush will become weaker and this can lead to more serious problems if not checked out. Any Concerns? feel free to call us on: 0203 092 4191 and see what we can do for you, today? Unblock-a-Drain London advise that most of the time it will be better to fix any issues as soon as they are spotted or as soon as they arise, this is better in regards to time and in regards to money.